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FoodHub is the only online community where you can reach professionals working in every aspect of local food – chefs, food service directors, farmers, ranchers, and specialty producers, plus distributors, service providers, advocates and facilitators – in the Western US! A wide variety of promotional options allow you to build a package to reach your specific goals. Click below to get details and submit a booking request.

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    Advantage and All-Access Members stand out from the crowd with listings and posts highlighted in color in the Member Directory, on Marketplace and in search results. They also get additional profile features and a discount on all promotional bookings. Click your membership type below for details!

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    Member Spotlights get your profile noticed! You’ll be one of only four Members featured on My FoodHub. ALL Members land on their My FoodHub page after logging in so it’s one of the highest-trafficked pages on the site. You’ll also be featured in the FoodHub Fresh Sheet, which is emailed to ALL buyers and sellers. Target the audience that matters to you and get found!

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    Display advertising is available throughout FoodHub and is the easiest way to build brand recognition using your own logo and graphics. Direct click-thrus to your FoodHub profile OR your own website. Select individual high-traffic placements, or book a run-of-site to show up across the site.

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  • Own the Search Result

    Wholesale buyers search for products on FoodHub when they’re ready to buy or book contracts! Sellers and distributors run product searches to find potential partners. Ensure that you show up in the top three results by sponsoring the search term. When the season is hot and the list is long, you'll come out on top!

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  • Sponsor Educational Content

    Local food isn’t just a trend, it’s a movement. The FoodHub Knowledge Base is a library of tools, resources and thought leadership poised to become a resource for practitioners nationwide. Help build the library by sponsoring sections that align with your business and values!

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To book placements or ask questions about advertising on FoodHub, please contact us at or 503-467-0816

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