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  • Building Regional Produce Supply Chains
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    Findings from FarmsReach 2010 design workshop. Identifies obstacles by stakeholder types and ripple effects from producers to buyers and in reverse. (0 B 0/GETFILE?DDOCNAME=STELPRDC5097254)

  • Midscale Food Value Chains: An Introduction
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    This paper explains how farms of the middle are disappearing and makes the case for the need for midscale food value chains. (0 B 007)

  • Scaling Up: Meeting the Demand for Local Food
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    The need to scale-up aggregation and distribution systems to meet consumer demand is the focus of this report that features case studies from 11 regional food distributors in the Midwest. (0 B 0/GETFILE?DDOCNAME=STELPRDC5091489)

  • Ready To Grow: A Plan for Increasing Illinois Fruit and Vegetable Production
    0.0 / 5  (0 votes) reports on their 2009 study that explored the barriers that growers face when attempting to access wholesale markets. Recommendations for actions that address barriers to scaling up are presented together with the feasibility of developing a packing house that connects specialty crop growers with wholesalers. (0 B 0/GETFILE?DDOCNAME=STELPRDC5097192)

  • Building Regional Produce Supply Chains: Helping Farms Access & Sell to Multiple Channels, Helping Large-Volume Buyers Access Regional Foods
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    Findings from a 2010 convening of food system stakeholders that aimed to understand the obstacles to achieving efficient regional food distribution and to identify practical solutions.

  • Food Hubs and Values-Based Supply Chains: A Toolkit for California Farmers
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    This report describes how scale and ownership are two important factors to be considered when evaluating a any values based supply chain enterprise. Considerations and benefits of various models are discussed. A set of questions that growers may wish to ask before doing business with a VBSC enterprise are included. (0 B PDF)

  • Regional Food Hub Resource Guide
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    This USDA guide defines food hubs, discusses the impacts that food hubs have, and identifies barriers faced in the development of food hubs together with resources to overcome barriers. (0 B 0/GETFILE?DDOCNAME=STELPRDC5097957)

  • The Role of Food Hubs in Local Food Marketing
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    This USDA report defines food hubs and explains the various functions and structures that these models might take. Constraints and regulations are also identified. (0 B PDF)

  • Building Successful Food Hubs: A Planning Guide for Aggregating and Processing Local Food in Illinois
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    A guide to the business development process for the aspiring local food aggregation or processing enterprise. (0 B PDF)

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