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Finding Funding

  • The National Farm to School Network’s Funding Opportunities Webpage
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    This webpage lists descriptions and links for national as well as several state-specific funding opportunities for Farm to School and school garden projects and programs.

  • Farm Aid’s Guide to Funding Opportunities for Family Farmers
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    Farm Aid has a webpage listing funding opportunities for family farmers. The guide also includes grants for rural development, public health and nutrition, community food security, agriculture and the green economy, and research.

  • Tips for Writing Grant Proposals
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    This online resource describes each component of a grant proposal in detail and provides writing tips and examples.

  • The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation’s Fruit Tree 101 Program
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    The “Fruit Tree 101” program helps qualifying schools create outdoor edible orchard classrooms to provide students with environmental education opportunities and a source of organic fruit for improved school lunch nutrition.

  • Get Free Plant Starts in Oregon from the Plant Project!
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    A project of the American Center for Sustainability, the Plant Project provides free plant starts to non profits garden projects across Oregon, including schools.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Northwest's Community Benefit program supports Ecotrust's Farm to School program with a Healthy Food Access grant that facilitates the purchase of more healthy, regionally produced food by school districts in the region and connects them with small, medium-sized, and minority-owned food producers in their communities.

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