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Success Stories

    Case Studies

    • Going Local: Paths to Success for farm to school Programs
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      This publication details eight successful farm to school programs from across the nation. (5.7 MB PDF)

    • A Salad Bar Featuring Organic Choices: Revitalizing the School Lunch Program
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      This report, describes the Olympia (WA) School District’s Organic Choices program and the specific changes to food options, and implementation of environmental and nutrition education, financial impacts, and key to success. (290.8 KB PDF)

    • New on the Menu: Districtwide Changes to School Food Start in the Kitchen at Portland’s Abernethy Elementary
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      This report from Abernethy Elementary in Portland, Oregon took a whole systems approach to school food. The report includes a description of the program and the results of the pilot in terms of financial impact, nutrition, lunch participation rates, and child food preferences. (2.1 MB PDF)

    Documentaries and Films

    • Nourish: Food + Community Documentary
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      Available for purchase on this site, this DVD includes 11 short films centered around the question, “What’s the story of your food?” and features Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Jamie Oliver, Anna Lappé, Bryant Terry, and Dr. Nadine Burk. A FREE curriculum guide is also available on the site.

    • What’s On Your Plate?
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      A documentary about two 11-year-olds discovering their place in the New York City food system.

    • Grown in Detroit
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      Grown in Detroit focuses on the urban gardening efforts undertaken by african-american, pregnant and parenting teenagers as part of their school's "Back to the roots" curriculum. Use the 'Watch' link to make a donation and gain online access to the documentary for one day.

    Kaiser Permanente

    Kaiser Permanente Northwest's Community Benefit program supports Ecotrust's Farm to School program with a Healthy Food Access grant that facilitates the purchase of more healthy, regionally produced food by school districts in the region and connects them with small, medium-sized, and minority-owned food producers in their communities.

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