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School Wellness Policies

  • Model Wellness Policy Guide
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    Compiled and produced by the Center for Ecoliteracy in collaboration with Slow Food USA and Chez Panisse Foundation, the Model Wellness Policy Guide provides recommendations and model language for development of a comprehensive school Wellness Policy by educators and administrators. (193.3 KB PDF)

  • Model School Food: A Policy Guide
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    Mapping School Food addresses problems and issues faced by school decision-makers who draft and enforce school food policies. This guide is a good first step in learning to implement changes in school foods. (597.2 KB PDF)

  • Guide to Developing a Sustainable Food Purchasing Policy
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    The Sustainable Food Policy Project was initiated in 2006 to support efforts by educational, health care, and other institutions to have a positive impact on the food system through purchasing. This is the latest copy of the guide from 2007. Learn more here: (941.2 KB PDF)

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Northwest's Community Benefit program supports Ecotrust's Farm to School program with a Healthy Food Access grant that facilitates the purchase of more healthy, regionally produced food by school districts in the region and connects them with small, medium-sized, and minority-owned food producers in their communities.

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