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Legislation and Policy

  • Farm to School Legislation: State Legislation Presentation (January 2011)
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    This presentation explores state legislation that has been passed regarding farm to school programs. For more information contact Megan Lott ( (2.9 MB PPTX)

  • National Farm to School Network’s Policy Resource Page
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    The National Farm to School Network’s policy page provides detailed information and fact sheets for Farm to School and child nutrition legislation, links to text for national and state bills, and provides resources and guidance on what you can do to support Farm to School programs.

  • Child Nutrition Legislation
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    The Community Food Security Coalition maintains a detailed list of bills in the Child Nutrition Reauthorization that contain Farm to School provisions as well as other child nutrition legislation, including bill name, number, sponsors, and description.

  • Nourishing the Nation One Tray at a Time: Farm to School Initiatives in the Child Nutrition Reauthorization
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    A full-color publication, produced by the One Tray Campaign, describes Farm to School initiatives in the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act. It provides a timeline with historical highlights and describes the benefits of Farm to School programs and includes case studies from across the country. (802.4 KB PDF)

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Northwest's Community Benefit program supports Ecotrust's Farm to School program with a Healthy Food Access grant that facilitates the purchase of more healthy, regionally produced food by school districts in the region and connects them with small, medium-sized, and minority-owned food producers in their communities.

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