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Food Hubs

  • Background on Regional Food Hubs
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    Many food producers are challenged by the lack of adequate distribution and processing infrastructure that would give them needed access to new markets. This white paper by James Barham, Agricultural Economist at the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service explains how regional food hubs can greatly support these producers, and to encourage smaller farmers to scale up their operations. (265.8 KB PDF)

  • Food Hubs: Viable Regional Distribution Solutions
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    Food hubs, or regional food aggregation and coordination facilities, offer great promise for systemic social and environmental change. This webinar focuses on key elements of successful food hubs provides a clear illustration of the variety of models that exist, and the outcomes they offer.

  • U.S. Food Hubs
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    This resource from the Good Food Network is a database of food hubs listed by state. Most entries are linked to a website for more information.

  • Leveraging Existing Infrastructure
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    In this webinar, Karen Karp of Karp Resources provides illustrative examples of the ways in she has worked collaboratively with her clients to overcome some of the barriers to food system change at scale. (0 B ORG/RESOURCES/NGFN-CLUSTER-CALLS/LEVERAGING-EXISTING-INFRASTRUCTURE/LEVERAGING-EXISTING-INFRASTRUCTURE-FOR-SIGNIFICANT-FOOD-SYSTEM-CHANGE-FOOD-HUBS-REGIONAL-DISTRIBUTION-FARM-TO-SCHOOL-AND-MORE)

  • Food Hubs and Values-Based Supply Chains: A Toolkit for California Farmers
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    This report describes how scale and ownership are two important factors to be considered when evaluating a any values based supply chain enterprise. Considerations and benefits of various models are discussed. A set of questions that growers may wish to ask before doing business with a VBSC enterprise are included. (0 B PDF)

  • Regional Food Hub Resource Guide
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    This USDA guide defines food hubs, discusses the impacts that food hubs have, and identfies barriers faced in the development of food hubs together with resources to overcome barriers. (0 B 0/GETFILE?DDOCNAME=STELPRDC5097957)

  • The Role of Food Hubs in Local Food Marketing
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    This USDA report defines food hubs and explains the various functions and structures that these models might take. Constraints and regulations are also identified. (0 B PDF)

  • Building Successful Food Hubs: A Planning Guide for Aggregating and Processing Local Food in Illinois
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    A guide to the business development process for the aspiring local food aggregation or processing enterprise. (0 B PDF)

  • Whole Foods Market

    To increase awareness about the threat to North America's agricultural land, Whole Foods Market stores in the Pacific Northwest are leading a call to action to save what's left of one of our most valuable natural resources: farmland.

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