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Economic Impact

  • Bringing the Food Economy Home
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    This article explains how localizing our food economy may be our best bet at effectively responding to mounting social and ecological crises caused by globalization.

  • Farmer in Chief
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    Author Michael Pollan addresses a letter to President Obama, explaining the urgency with which we must hasten the re-localization of the food economy, and advises on how the Obama Administration should most effectively take action.

  • Local Food as Economic Development
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    Local foods may be the best way to increase community economic development, according to Ken Meter of the Crossroads Resource Center. This concise white paper explains the economic benefits of buying locally in terms that are easy to understand. (659.4 KB PDF)

  • Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts, and Issues
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    This comprehensive overview of local food systems by the USDA Economic Research Service explores alternative definitions of local food, and examines early indicators of the economic and health impacts of local food systems.

  • Local Food Consumers: How Motivations and Perceptions Translate to Buying Behavior
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    This article sheds light on consumer perceptions of local food, and seeks to explain their motivations for purchasing local food products. Use this resource to inform your decision to source or sell locally or regionally.

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