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Food Miles

  • Food Miles: How far your food travels has serious consequences for your health and the climate
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    How your food is grown, stored, transported, processed and cooked impacts climate change and the environment. The Natural Resources Defense Council examines the various facets of the food system and illustrates its impacts on our natural resources. (243.1 KB PDF)

  • Checking the food odometer: Comparing food miles for local versus conventional produce sales to Iowa institutions
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    Using food miles has become common when describing the journey food undergoes from farm to table. This paper from Iowa State University calculates the food miles for various types of fresh produce delivered to Iowa institutions from local sources, and compares it to data calculated from the food miles resulting from conventional sources of food. (0 B PDF)

  • Food Miles Debunked
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    This article explores the caveats of thinking about food in terms of local, and illustrates how complex our food system really is.

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