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Running a Sustainable Kitchen

  • Food Industry Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction
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    Do you want to reduce food waste and lower your disposal costs? This Michigan Department of Environmental Quality article provides information on the benefits of finding alternatives to sending your waste to the landfill through connecting with farmers, food banks, and other industry suppliers. (386 KB PDF)

  • Don't Throw Away That Food: Strategies for Record-Setting Waste Reduction
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    The Environmental Protection Agency explains the benefits of reducing food waste, and provides several success stories and models for you to follow. (230.3 KB PDF)

  • Five Tips for Managing Food Costs When Running a Sustainable Kitchen
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    Five tips for managing food costs when running a sustainable kitchen. (116.7 KB PDF)

  • Bait and Switch: How seafood fraud hurts our oceans, our wallets and our health
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    This informative and well-laid out resource will help you recognize seafood fraud, understand its implications on the environment and your health, and suggest ways to stop seafood fraud. (2.3 MB PDF)

  • Green Restaurant Association
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    The Green Restaurant Association works to provide convenient and cost-effective tools to help the restaurant industry reduce its harmful impact on the environment. Visit their website for resources on certification standards and other resources on sustainability, and to learn about their extensive consulting services.

Food Services of America

Food Services of America supports local farmers and food manufacturers. Visit our profile to learn about FSA and our commitment to eco-friendly initiatives and the economic sustainability of the Northwest.

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