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Food Safety

  • Food Safety Guidelines from Oklahoma's Farm-to-School Program
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    This section from Oklahoma's Farm-to-School Program manual addresses food safety and handling. It includes steps for creating a school food safety plan, food safety worksheet templates and logs, fresh produce handling tips, and best practices for school gardens. (5.8 MB PDF)

  • Iowa State University's Food Safety Checklist for Purchasers
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    This site provides a checklist for ensuring that food has been safely grown, harvested and handled. Provides a list of specific questions for foodservice buyers to ask growers of fresh produce. Developed by food safety specialists at Iowa State University. (74.8 KB PDF)

  • Kaiser Permanente

    Kaiser Permanente Northwest's Community Benefit program supports Ecotrust's Farm to School program with a Healthy Food Access grant that facilitates the purchase of more healthy, regionally produced food by school districts in the region and connects them with small, medium-sized, and minority-owned food producers in their communities.

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