Knowledge Base: Farm to Food Bank Tools, resources and thought leadership in regional food

Farm to Food Bank

For emergency food assistance organizations, learn about developing relationships with farmers, running successful volunteer gleaning programs, building out your program based on successful existing models and more.


  • Seattle Community Farm

    Learn about the Seattle Community Farm, a creative, ambitious project transforming an unused ½-acre of land into a productive farm which educates, inspires, and increases food security for residents of Southeast Seattle.

Outreach / Visibility

  • Digital Storytelling

    Tips and examples of how to tell a story about your produce recovery efforts.

  • Fresh Food on the Table

    Learn more about this program that provides quality, fresh garden produce year round to the food bank, while also providing community garden leadership apprentice programs, and school garden programs and curriculum.

Managing Volunteers

  • Volunteer Relations

    Learn more about providing volunteers with a clear sense of what to expect and what is expected of them. Use this guide to create handouts that give them clear instructions helps ensure gleaning runs smoothly, and you do not cause any problems that will lose the trust of the grower.

Program Models

  • Small Farm Gleaning

    Tips on starting a new gleaning program.

  • Building Plant a Row Locally

    The Plant a Row for the Hungry program encourages community members to dedicate a row (or more) of fruit, vegetables and/or herbs in their garden to help feed those in need.

  • Donating Through Contracts

    Read more about Farmers Ending Hunger, a program that arranges for growers to plant extra rows that are harvested along with contracted crops.

Additional Resources

  • Plant a Row for the Hungry

    Best practices and instructional materials to grow your own plant a row campaign.