Knowledge Base: Farm to Hospital Tools, resources and thought leadership in regional food

Farm to Hospital

Access a wide variety of information and resources regarding efforts to bring regional food into hospital foodservice operations.

For Hospitals

  • Healthy Food in Healthcare: Menu of Options

    This document produced by the national organization Health Care Without Harm outlines 14 steps that healthcare institutions can take to start a healthy food program and make their organization procurement practices more sustainable. (137.7 KB PDF)

  • Health Care without Harm's Healthy Food Systems Webpage

    Health Care Without Harm is an international coalition working to implement ecologically sound and healthy alternatives to health care practices that pollute the environment and contribute to disease.

  • Green Guide for Health Care

    The complete Green Guide for Health Care is a tool to plan for sustainability measures and measure success in any food service operation, including hospital cafeterias and feeding programs.

  • Webinar on How to Use GreenGuide to Health Care

    Institutional purchasing is a significant part of the food system, and hospitals are an obvious market for local food. This webinar acts as an instructional guide to The Green Guide for Health Care Food Service Credits, which are the nation

  • Guide to Developing Sustainable Food Procurement Policy

    This Food Alliance publication aids educational, health care and other institutional and commercial food buyers develop purchasing policies that support social and environmental responsibility in agriculture and the food industry.

  • Seasonal Foods: A New Menu for Public Health

    This document produced by Health Care Without Harm outlines how hospitals can play an important leadership role in modeling food choices for human and environmental health. (170 KB PDF)

  • Glynwood Guide to Serving Local Foods on Your Menu

    The Glynwood Institute guides you through the steps of putting local food on your menu using case studies and useful quick tips. (680.1 KB PDF)

  • National Food Service Management Institute

    The National Food Service Management Institute website links to documents on SOPs ranging from "Washing Fruits and Vegetables" to "Preventing Cross Contamination during Storage and Preparation." It also includes recordkeeping log templates.

  • Hospital Farm Direct Purchasing: A Guide to Ensuring Safe & Sustainable Food

    Hospitals across the country are working to improve the health and sustainability of the food they serve. Purchasing food directly from farms is one of the ways hospitals are promoting a more sustainable food system. By procuring local food hospitals help boost local farm economies, reduce the distance food travels from farm to plate, and improve access to healthy, fresh food. Ensuring that the food purchased for patients, staff, and visitors is safe is of utmost concern. (Provided by Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility) (0 B PDF)

  • Farm to Hospital Direct Purchasing – Grower/Producer Questionnaire

    A questionnaire that hospital food service directors and purchasers can use to get more information on growers interested in providing food to their institution. (Provided by Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility) (0 B PDF)

For Sellers

  • Marketing Guide to Getting Started with Farm to Cafeteria Programs

    A useful marketing guide for getting started with Farm to Cafeteria programs. It outlines different types of food service models and provides tips on initiating contact with schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, senior meal programs, and other institutions. (2.9 MB PDF)

  • Step-by-Step Marketing Guide for Selling to Schools

    This step-by-step guide is useful for all farmers wanting to sell their produce to schools as well as other institutions. Includes sections on preparing marketing packets and bid documents, developing contracts, and starting to sell products. (4.3 MB PDF)

  • Selling Strategies for Local Food Producers

    This guide outlines strategies to assist farmers in selling their produce in a variety of direct market settings such as farmer’s markets and CSAs, and to restaurants, cooperatives, and institutions. (1.6 MB PDF)

  • Nuevos Mercados Para Su Cosecha/New Ways to Sell What you Grow

    Una publicación para los agricultores hispano hablantes vender sus productos a instituciones; información sobre organizaciones que ayudan a agricultores Latinos. This resource for Spanish-speaking farmers provides information and purchasing guidelines to help farmers sell excess produce in a number of institutional settings. Printed copies can be ordered by calling 1-800-ASK-NCAT. An audio copy may be downloaded from: (1 MB PDF)