Posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010 by Lola

Gervais School District finds local lettuce

In late April, Clare Columbus, Nutrition Services Director for the Gervais School District, found out that her regular farmer would not be able to supply the lettuce she needed for the April Harvest of the Month she had planned. (The Harvest of the Month is a program in which the cafeteria features one seasonal ingredient from a local farmer in their menu.) Instead of panicking, Columbus used FoodHub to send a quick message out to several farms nearby that listed themselves as having lettuce, as well as posting to FoodHub’s Marketplace section. By the end of that day, she had found her lettuce! Ivan Maluski from Tipping Tree Farm in Colton (only 6 miles down the road from Clare!) got in touch and delivered the lettuce himself the next week. Now Clare has developed a new relationship with a local farmer, and Ivan has a new customer. Match-making success!

Photo by Scott Trimble

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