Posted on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 by Megan

Lents buying club finds strawberries

Keya Burkoff of A&B Farms in Molalla, Oregon made a FoodHub Marketplace post about the strawberries she would soon have available. Joan Chakwin, the organizer for the Lents Food Buying Club in outer SE Portland, responded. Soon, Burkoff brought Chakwin a sampling of the strawberry varieties that A&B grows, Chakwin chose her favorite – the super sweet Hood – and they made a deal for the delivery of 42 flats.

And then the rains came and came, and the berries didn’t. The first deliveries were much smaller than initially proposed. Yet because they had a personal liaison, Burkoff was able to explain the absence of berries in her rows to Chakwin directly, who was living under the same grey dripping skies. Now, with the sun visiting more often, Burkoff is making bi-weekly deliveries, and the members of the buying club are eating Hood strawberries from less than twenty miles away. When the sun shines, they know their berries will be even sweeter.

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