Posted on Friday, September 17th, 2010 by Megan

Gales Meadow gets in a Pretty Pickle

Margaret Shell is the talent behind The Pretty Pickle Company of Salem, Oregon. When Oregon vegetables are at their loveliest, Margaret makes pickles that range from classics like Spicy Dilled Green Beans and Bread and Butter Pickles to more wildly flavored offerings like Sweet Hot Pickled Garlic and Meyer Lemon Tapenade.

Originally, Margaret started The Pretty Pickle Company as a way to use the excess vegetables from her family’s abundant garden. Today, she purchases most of her vegetables from Oregon family farms.

This year, Rene and Anne Berblinger of Gales Meadow Farm had an exceptional garlic harvest. As Anne wrote to Margaret, after they discovered one another through FoodHub, “I am looking for a different way to get it out there to the garlic loving public.”

Margaret and Anne are arranging to have Margaret pickle some of Gales Meadow’s beautiful harvest to sell at their respective farmers’ market stands.

The biggest hurdle they face: Who and how will they peel hundreds of pounds of garlic!? Rather than viewing it as a roadblock, the two have begun seeking solutions: Who has an industrial garlic peeler? Are there any fellow garlic sellers or buyers who would want to cooperatively own or rent such machinery? Does someone have a co-op kitchen where a garlic peeler could be installed?

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