Posted on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 by Megan

From Heaven to Earth: Rural farmers connect with urban school districts and restaurants

Treasure from Heaven Farm sits in the northeast corner of Oregon, near the border with Idaho. On five acres, Andrea Sandberg and her family raise tree fruits, berries, and vegetables; free range geese, chickens and ducks to reduce the insects and mulch the crops; Nigerian milking goats; and pigs.

The small farm, which is fairly new, grew out of the Sandbergs’ unreserved enthusiasm for gardening. In their first years, they supplied CSA members and the La Grande Farmers Market. Upon joining FoodHub and reading Marketplace posts, Andrea discovered that Portland-area food buyers were requesting many of the products that Treasure from Heaven grows and raises. The Sandbergs now sell fruits to the David Douglas and Beaverton School Districts—“We feel that it is a privilege to have our produce served to school children,” she says—and whole pigs and farm fresh eggs to Portland fine dining restaurants.

“FoodHub is such a great resource for us small farmers out in Baker County,” Sandberg proclaims.

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