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Nothing beats sharing a cup of coffee or leaning against the truck to chat and get to know someone. Sadly however, the demands of business (not to mention life!) leave little time to seek out or nurture new relationships. What if technology could be used to help fast forward to the good parts?

FoodHub is a virtual gathering place for some of the most fascinating people in local food from all across the greater Northwest. Have you met Kelly Myers? Scot Laney? Steve Oberg? James Henderson? Now you can put faces to names on the FoodHub Flickr page.

If you’re not familiar with it, Flickr is a popular photo-sharing site on the internet. Still have carousels of slides in a closet somewhere? Think of Flickr as a way to look at your own slides, plus paw through the carousels in other people’s closets (after they let you in of course) and make copies of the pictures you like.

FoodHub has created a photo album (referred to as a “set” on Flickr) called People. We hope this will be an opportunity for you to get a visual of someone you may have met via FoodHub, get prepared for a live meeting or pitch, or just get a sense of the community. We think this could be a way for technology to help pave a path to one of those wonderful relationship-building live interactions.

You can download these pictures! Many are great shots taken by our FoodHub video producer, Giselle Kennedy. You are welcome to download them from the FoodHub Flickr site and add them to your own FoodHub or Facebook profile. You can also leave a comment right there below the picture. Got a photo we should include? Just email it to us with the name and company information at

FoodHub is currently putting together another set called Places, featuring images of some of the wonderful places where FoodHub members spend their days. If you are a FoodHub member and have a photo of your business that you would like to add to this album, please do send it our way using the same process outlined above.

How to download a photo from Flickr:

-Go to FoodHub’s Flickr page:

-Click on the photo you want – the page will change to show just your selected photo.

-In the upper left corner above the photo, click Actions.

Choose View all sizes from the drop-down menu.

-Click on the size you would like (for your FoodHub profile, select Medium 500).

-Click Download the [Medium 500] size of this photo.

-Click Save File and then OK.

– Excellent! The photo should be in your download folder and you can upload it to FoodHub, Facebook, or your own website (you may want to give it a name you’ll remember and move it to a folder you will be able to find again!).

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