Posted on Friday, April 29th, 2011 by Megan

FoodHub Connection: Sound Food Roots out Flying Dog Farms

When they moved to Grapeview, Washington, seven years ago, Sue Sampson and her family embarked on a grand experiment.

They called their experiment Flying Dog Farm, took classes in farming and ranching at their local extension office, and dug in. After five years of growing pastured pork, and with her business steadily expanding, Sampson knew she needed to start another experiment, this time in marketing. That’s when she found FoodHub.

“I was trying different things,” Sampson said, “so I thought I would invest in FoodHub and see where it led me.”

Recently, FoodHub led her to Bainbridge Island and a connection with FoodHub Associate Member Sound Food, which works to strengthen the food network in Washington State’s West Sound. While trying to help a local retailer source pastured goods for their freezer, Sound Food’s Carolyn Goodwin logged into FoodHub and started searching.

“We wanted to include frozen, vacuum packed, USDA inspected pastured meats in the offering there,” Goodwin said. “Sourcing can be a real issue for sustainable, USDA inspected meats so I turned to FoodHub, found Sue, and voila, I called! It was a big win-win, all made possible by FoodHub.”

Now, according to Goodwin, not only are they planning to source pork from Flying Dog Farm, but are also considering stocking the beef and lamb Sampson recently added to her ranching repertoire.

With her foot in the door and more eyes on her farm, Sampson plans to approach other grocers and restaurants in the Bainbridge area to market her meats.

“We’re really excited about this connection,” Sampson said. “Bainbridge Island is an untapped market and FoodHub has opened up a new avenue for us.”

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