Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 by Amanda

FREE Forever

It was announced to FoodHub Members this morning: FoodHub will always be FREE!

FoodHub is now FREE

We started offering free FoodHub memberships in February to test whether eliminating the fee significantly increased membership, and therefore connections, for everybody in the community.

Good news, it worked!

Membership in FoodHub has tripled since we started the test and the stories of successful connections have been rolling in…

FoodHub Fast Start

So we’re declaring “mission accomplished” on the test and rolling out a permanent FREE membership next month called FoodHub FastStart. This membership includes ALL the features and functionality available now, plus some great improvements slated to roll out in the July launch (details on those coming soon).

All FoodHub Members will automatically roll into the free FastStart account, no data or history will be lost. All 2,225+ Members will continue to have full access to the Member Directory and Marketplace and pay NO fees, ever.

FoodHub Advantage

Also coming in July will be two new account types. FoodHub Advantage is a monthly membership that helps Members stand out from the crowd and get found faster. Advantage Members will get:

  • Member listing highlighted in color in the Member Directory and in all product search results, plus all Marketplace posts highlighted to stand out from the crowd.
  • Add multiple photos in a photo gallery on their profile to tell their story in living color.
  • Upload documents (such as recipes, price lists, certification paperwork, event registration forms, etc.) to create an engaging profile and start interacting with potential clients immediately.
  • 10% discount on all promotional bookings.

The Advantage account is only $14.99 per month and requires no long-term commitment.

FoodHub All-Access

The second new account type, FoodHub All-Access, provides just what the name implies: everything FoodHub has to offer! The All-Access membership helps not only get found quickly and easily, but also get down to business faster. All-Access Members will get:

  • Everything in Advantage, PLUS
  • Embed videos on their profiles to immerse potential contacts in their world.
  • List business references on their profile to garner instant credibility.
  • Collect email addresses to build their own mailing list.
  • Set Marketplace listings to automatically re-post so they can stay top of mind, effortlessly.

The All-Access membership is by far the best value, at only $129 for the whole year! Satisfaction will be guaranteed, so there’s no risk in giving it a try.

FoodHub has amassed a truly incredible group of local food professionals as Members. We’re so proud to work with them and very excited to offer a permanent free membership so that everyone in the region can use FoodHub!

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