Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 by Megan

How-To FoodHub: Using the Marketplace

Create a PostThe FoodHub Marketplace is a buyer’s best friend for fast local foraging! Take advantage of great deals, see what’s ripe right now, and scope potential forward contracts. Looking for something specific? Post a “Wanted” listing and let sellers come to you. It’s easy – log into FoodHub, click on Marketplace and use the filters on the left side to narrow the listings to those most relevant to you. Click the “Create a Post” button to let sellers know what you need.

Sellers: use the Marketplace to move perishable product quickly! Post a “For Sale” listing to move product you’ve got a lot of right now, give buyers’ a head’s up about what’s coming on soon, or take advance orders for product available later in the year. Just log into FoodHub, visit Marketplace and click the “Create a Post” button to get started. You can also filter the listings to view just the “Wanted” posts to find buyers looking for what you have. Need help with transport or distribution? Post what you need in the “Transport” section of Marketplace to look for potential collaborators.

FYI, Marketplace isn’t just for food products, it’s also a great go-to resource to post or learn about events, workshops, and other services to support your business. Visit the [Transport] tab to find out about potential load-share opportunities. Check out the [Services] section for non-food posts such as animal feed and farm implements, restaurant supplies and other business services. The [Events and Announcements] tab is the perfect place to find or promote events, classes, workshops and meetings.

Need a little help? Watch a tutorial video on using the Marketplace, or get in touch:

FoodHub Help Desk

Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm

Toll-free: 855-FOODHUB

2 Responses to “How-To FoodHub: Using the Marketplace”

  1. Tremaine Arkley says:

    I am trying to create a post letting people know we are taking orders now for our fall crop of organically grown quince grown in the Willamette Valley. This is a fast moving crop.
    I find your system very hard to use and am unable to post.
    Maybe you can clue me in.
    Tremaine Arkley

  2. Leora says:

    Thanks for your question, Tremain.

    You’re right to focus on the FoodHub Marketplace as the best spot to advertise your fast moving crop of quince. The Marketplace can be used for letting other members know what you would like to buy or sell, now or in the future, and is a great tool for finding buyers for perishable products and advertise specials.

    To create a Marketplace post, sign-in to FoodHub and click on [Marketplace] in the main navigation bar. From there, click [Create Post] and let FoodHub walk you through a quick and easy series of questions to help you describe what you’re offering or what you would like to buy. You can even add a photo to show off your product or help describe your business.

    When you’re done, click [Save] and your post will be up in front of the eyes of hundreds of buyers and sellers in seconds.

    Need more help posting in the Marketplace? Watch our tutorial video by going to and see how easy it is! The FoodHub Help Desk is also available to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (503) 467-0816 or toll-free at 855-FOODHUB. You can also email us at