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News from the Hub – Week of June 11, 2012

Fresh Picks – Top 5 Stories Worth Reading

Antibiotic-Free Meat Business Is Booming Thanks To Chipotle
It’s no longer just foodies at farm markets or Whole Foods buying antibiotic-free, pasture-raised meats. Demand from big players, including Hyatt Hotels; institutional food providers such as Bon Appetit Management Co., which caters to schools and companies; and the fast-food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill is changing the game.

Oregon food bank celebrates success with protein packed soup mix
KMTR NewsSource 16
Instead of focusing on protein rich donations of canned food, recently, Food for Lane County turned to a new idea: Put together a package of locally grown ingredients for a homemade soup that’s easy to make.

Bostonians testing Japanese composting system as new food waste solution
Wall Street Journal
A private country club in Massachusetts is trying bokashi, an obscure composting method it says will help it recycle 4 tons of food waste each year.

Sacramento food waste project awarded $6 million
Sacramento Bee
The California Energy Commission on Wednesday awarded $6 million to Sacramento’s Clean World Partners to help construct a facility in south Sacramento that will convert food waste into natural gas.

US farmer looks to China to market organic wheat

This fall, China will start importing its first-ever shipments of organic millet and wheat from the United States. Their origin: Clint Jessen’s farm north of Pine Bluffs.

News from the Region

Southern Calif. cities consider rolling out red carpet for food trucks
Hesperia Star
Food trucks preparing hot food on-site may soon become a common sight in parts of the Victor Valley. San Bernardino and Riverside counties have long been the only two of California’s 58 counties to prohibit food trucks to sell hot, freshly prepared food except with a special event permit. That changed on June 5, when the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved changing the rules, effective July 1.

Genetically modified foods may get label in Calif.
The Associated Press
California voters will soon decide whether to require special labels for food made from genetically modified ingredients.

Quadrant Homes Issues Call For Grant Applications To Local Food Banks in Washington State
This year, grants will go toward programs that promote the care, well-being and/or education of the youth or the elderly, and to local food banks that support needy families in the region.

Idaho farmers markets see interest in local goods
Idaho Press-Tribune
Last year, Nampa and Caldwell farmers markets, as a whole, pulled in an estimated $284,000. This year, they’re on track to meet or beat that, helped by the rising buy-local mindset and larger crowds attending each week.

News from the Nation

How Veggie Co-ops and Ice Cream Collaboratives Could Save the Economy
Mother Jones
Every year, Americans spend almost $1.2 trillion on food, equal to nearly a tenth of total US GDP. A series of case studies by the consultancy Civic Economics shows that for every dollar we spend at a large chain, about 15 cents stays in the area, while locally owned enterprises trap 30 to 45 cents.

Review: ‘The Good Food Revolution’ details a black farmer’s journey
Los Angeles Times
Will Allen details his personal journey as an African American farmer and looks at the industrial food system in ‘The Good Food Revolution’: book review.

Hemp industry thrives amid boom in natural foods
San Francisco Chronicle
Helped by praise for its nutritional benefits from Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart the hemp-based food market was estimated at $40 million in 2010 (excluding sales at chain groceries such as Whole Foods and Safeway), according to Spins, a firm that analyzes the natural products industry.

More than 27 percent of kids on Florida’s Treasure Coast going hungry
Palm Beach Post
Children continue to struggle with hunger on the Treasure Coast, according to a new study released by Feeding America. More than one in four, or 27.4 percent, of children in Indian River, Martin, St. Lucie and Okeechobee counties are going hungry, according to the Child Food Insecurity 2012 study.

News from the World

World Food Prize goes to researcher’s work on irrigation
Daniel Hillel’s work on irrigation improved food yields and maximized water use by farmers.

Bahamians Maintain Only 90 Day Food Supply
The Freeport News
If The Bahamas’ biggest food supplier, the United States, were to cut off the country’s food supply, The Bahamas would only have enough to last for three months, according to Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Local Government V. Alfred Gray.

Using new media, Chinese try out food activism
The result of Shanghai grad student Wu Heng’s epiphany about the state of food in China year ago is the cheeky and informative food scandal database ‘Throw It Out the Window,’ a homegrown resource that tries to alert the Chinese public to the many dangers lurking at the supermarket and on the restaurant table.

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