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News from the Hub – Week of February 20, 2012

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Lenders Learn how to Bank on Small Farms, Local Food
Nic Welty employs himself full time year-round raising lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens in three low-cost passive solar greenhouses, which together cover less than one acre of land. His Nine Bean Rows farm near Traverse City, MI, is one of many smaller, diversified, often first-generation farms in the country that defy expectations, particularly among bankers and others with money needed to finance the new food enterprises.

FamilyFarmed Helps Get Local Produce To Big Markets
The local food movement is constantly criticized for its small scale. All of these hippie farmer’s markets and boutique restaurants are great for rich people who live in Chicago, but they’re not going to actually make a difference, right? Setting aside how much we disagree with that sentiment, locavores now have a good retort.

Left without food, thousands of hens die on Central Valley egg farm
San Jose Mercury News
An estimated 50,000 hens were left without feed at a Stanislaus County egg farm over about two weeks, officials said Wednesday. The hens starved apparently because of the high cost of feed, said Bill Mattos, president of the California Poultry Federation. The Modesto-based group usually deals only with meat birds, but has helped with the response at the egg farm.

Farmers market could take root in Wallowa
La Grande Observer
More than 40 people including business owners, produce growers, local ranchers, crafters and artists, the Wallowa FFA adviser and students, representatives from the Wallowa food bank and the city mayor attended a meeting led by Deb Reth, owner of Bear Creek Gardens. Even though there is no farmers market in the city of Wallowa yet, there is an overwhelming desire by the community for one — and systems are in place that would help support it.