About FoodHub

FoodHub is a dynamic marketplace and online directory that makes it easy and efficient for professional food buyers and sellers to research, connect, and do business. It’s easy to use and a great place to meet and do business over food.

Who is FoodHub For?

FoodHub gathers food producers, professional food buyers, and the associations and suppliers that serve them both, in one dynamic marketplace and interactive directory. If you’re based in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska or California and fit one of the following descriptions, you should be here!

  • Buyer: Bakeries, buying clubs, caterers, colleges or universities, culinary schools, food banks or food assistance programs, food service contractors, grocers, healthcare facilities, hotels, motels, resorts and B&Bs, packer/processors, personal chefs, restaurants, schools or specialty retailers.
  • Seller: Farmers, ranchers, fishermen, dairies, brewers, distilleries, wineries, food processor/manufacturers, brokers or wholesale distributors.
  • Associate: Academic or research institutions, certifiers, commodity commissions, farmers’ markets, government agencies, logistics or transport providers, NGOs, service providers/suppliers to the food/ag trade, or trade associations.
  • Distributors: Distribution is an important part of the local food chain. We'd like to know how FoodHub can better serve this unique sector. Email us at meet@food-hub.org to give feedback.

FoodHub’s strength lies in the number, diversity and engagement of our Members therefore ...

FoodHub is scale-neutral

Producers with only a case to sell will find willing buyers, while buyers who need semi-truckload quantities can connect with large volume producers as well.

FoodHub is production-practice-neutral

Organic producers can reap marketplace rewards for their certification alongside conventional producers finding value in regional market opportunities.

How is distribution handled?

FoodHub supports a wide variety of distribution models–from Alaskan fishermen who freeze and ship their product via UPS, ranchers who run their own trucks into town and farmers who ready wholesale orders for pick up at farmers’ markets, to all those who gladly rely on the services provided by mainline distributors. Once a connection is made via FoodHub, buyer and seller negotiate pricing and order details, execute the transaction and coordinate the exchange of goods independently. There are no transaction fees associated with making connections on FoodHub.

What is the geographic range of FoodHub?

FoodHub membership is open to food buyers, sellers and in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and California.

How much does FoodHub cost?

Right now membership in FoodHub is absolutely FREE!

Why join FoodHub?

  • Because you want to spend 10 seconds, not 10 hours, finding the perfect case of peaches.
  • Because when your next potential customer searches for your product, you want your name to pop up on the screen.
  • Because there has never been more interest in buying and selling regionally produced food.

FoodHub offers:

A Comprehensive Catalog of Buyers and Sellers

FoodHub engages the entire food community, including retail grocers, schools, institutional buyers, caterers, restaurants, bakeries, food processors, manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, fishermen, vintners, and artisan producers of specialty items, plus the associations, service providers and industry suppliers that serve them all. It’s one-stop shopping of the very best kind.

Dynamic Marketplace

It’s been called the “Craig’s List” of food. FoodHub Members can post products they need, or need to move, in the Marketplace section. Need to find a regional supplier for an item on your seasonal menu? Put a “Wanted” post on the FoodHub Marketplace and watch qualified replies roll in. Have a lot of something perishable that needs to move quickly? Put an “Available” post on Marketplace and know that professional food buyers will see it. Check back daily to keep a thumb on the pulse of wholesale food.

Robust Profiles

See and be seen. Share your story. A FoodHub online business profile allows potential customers to get to know you and your business intimately. You, in turn, can make the best use of your time by identifying and soliciting precisely the customers you want.

Easy Searches

FoodHub is a robust interactive directory that allows you to find what you need quickly and easily. Start typing the name of the product you’re looking for in the search box in the upper right corner of any FoodHub page. FoodHub will auto-complete the word (so you can’t misspell it!) and give you the option to search a specific variety. Click the Search button and FoodHub returns a list of every FoodHub Member who deals in that item. Sort and filter by proximity, variety, member type, or a host of other attributes to find your perfect match.


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