Knowledge Base: Farm to School Tools, resources and thought leadership in regional food

For Parents and the Community

  • California Harvest of the Month Family and Community Newsletters

    Produced by the California Department of Public Health’s Network for a Healthy California, the FREE Harvest of the Month program provides family and community newsletters in English and Spanish featuring nutritional information, recipes, and activities for more than 30 different fruits and vegetables.

  • Vermont FEED's Guide to Taste Testing Local Foods in Schools

    This document discusses the importance of hosting taste tests in cafeterias and classrooms and afterschool settings in order to familiarize children with new foods and get them excited about healthy, local produce. The guide offers planning tips, case studies, and sample materials for food service providers, teachers, parents and volunteers. (1.6 MB PDF)

  • Vermont FEED's Guide to Community Action Planning

    This guide provides planning tools and facilitation techniques for school committees engaged in the Farm to School planning process. It includes tips for how to convene and run meetings to enhance community involvement in Farm to School programs and provides checklists and case studies. (4.5 MB PDF)