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How Do You Define Local?

  • What does "Local Food" Sourcing Really Entail?

    With his expert insight from working in the produce industry, David Lively, Marketing Director for distributor Organically Grown Company, examines several local food claims and explains their pros and cons.

  • Just What Does Local Mean?

    How can definitions of "local" help us better understand the range of expectations and aspirations consumers have for the food system? This article delves into an examination of the question of how to define local food.

  • Can Local Food Go Mainstream?

    This article examines the prospects for local food to gain a greater share of sales in mainstream markets. The authors find exciting possibilities for growth in access to local foods, but also explore the challenges that stand in the way of increasing local food availability, such as higher production costs and inadequate distribution.

  • Is Local Enough? Some Arguments for Regional Food Systems

    Can a focus on sourcing regionally instead of locally produced food retain a sense of place, and allow food economies to grow? This article argues that a regional framework may be a better way to achieve the transformation in the food system that local food advocates are seeking.