Oregon Harvest For Schools Portal

Welcome to the Oregon Harvest for Schools Portal

A tool to help Oregon school food buyers source Oregon-grown fruits and vegetables. Learn how to use this portal

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    About the Portal

    The Oregon Harvest for Schools Portal on FoodHub is a new online tool that offers a quick and easy way for Oregon schools to find local Oregon fruits and veggies. The Portal has been designed to meet the specific needs of schools that want to buy Oregon foods and is populated with sellers who have been vetted by Farm to School partners from around the state. Through robust and informative profiles, it’s easy to get a quick sense of who suppliers are and what products they have available.

    Tutorial Video

    Watch this short video to learn about the basic search and connection functions offered by the Portal and help you get down to business.

    To use this tool, you'll need a FoodHub account. Accounts are free for school district food service directors and partner organizations to create. Please limit accounts to one per district or partner organization, and share login information as needed.

    Ecotrust and farm to school partners around the state conducted outreach to all of the suppliers listed in this portal, to confirm that they are interested in working with schools, and that they have products that would be a good fit.

    Seasonality Information

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