The FoodHub Team

FoodHub is led by a talented team with decades of experience on the ground connecting regional food buyers and sellers in the greater Northwest.

We’re tech-savvy but not so enamored with the information superhighway that we don’t stop at farm stands along the way. We know that vibrant food marketplaces are dependent on deep, personal relationships and trust between those who buy and those who sell food.

Don’t hesitate to be in touch with, and rely on, the FoodHub team. Send any of us an email or pick up the phone for a real, live conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

Amanda Oborne, Director

(503) 467-0818

Amanda Oborne is a seasoned marketing professional with expertise in social media, partnership development, and campaign development and execution. Amanda has great experience building member communities. She has a master’s degree in Direct, Database and Digital Marketing from Northwestern University and has worked in a wide variety of industries. However, her real passion is local food. Contact Amanda with inquiries about membership, partnership opportunities or speaking at upcoming events.

Stacey Sobell, School Food Service Coordinator

(503) 467-0751

Stacey Sobell is the Farm to School Coordinator for Ecotrust and the Western Lead for the National Farm to School Network. At Ecotrust, Stacey researches, evaluates, promotes and advocates for farm to school programs at local, state and regional levels so that schools can feature healthy, regionally-sourced products in their cafeterias, incorporate nutrition-based curriculum in all academic disciplines, and provide students with experiential agriculture and food-based learning opportunities. Contact Stacey if you have questions related to the farm to school aspects and functionality of FoodHub.

Volunteers and Interns

We offer a special thank you to the many volunteers and interns who have given their time and talents to FoodHub.


Ecotrust’s mission is to inspire fresh thinking that creates social equity, economic opportunity and environmental well-being. Our Food & Farms program works to improve public understanding of agriculture and the challenges it faces and increase the market share of regionally grown, processed and manufactured foods. Whether by introducing a farmer to a chef or a food processor to an institutional buyer, Ecotrust is a trusted “benevolent broker” that has been making connections between food producers and food buyers in the greater Northwest for a decade.

While Ecotrust’s efforts to promote regional food have extended across all product categories and types of buyers, we are nationally known for our ability to develop the school food cafeteria as a viable market for local foods. We envision a time in the not-too-distant future when all children know that milk comes from cows before it reaches the grocery store. Through publication of the award-winning quarterly magazine Edible Portland, we tell the often overlooked stories of our regional food system and instill in local eaters a sense of place and a taste of home.